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What is a Green Peel® Herbal Peel?

Unlike peels made of harsh chemicals, the Green Peel is a herbal peel made entirely of natural ingredients and organic with no chemicals. Green Peel® Herbal Peel results are comparable to receiving multiple microdermabrasion facials without the mechanical exfoliation. The results from one Green Peel yields visible results immediately.

What is the Green Peel made from?

The components of the Green Peel are various herbs and algae rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that are good for the skin. But what exactly goes into the Green Peel? Pansy Horsetail Ribwort Marigold Aloe Vera Lungwort German Camomile Spirulina What Is the Gree

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Who is a candidate for Green Peel and who is not?

Benificial for: Melasma Skin Blemishes and acne-prone skin Large pores Scar treatment Stretch marks Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation Sunspots NOT benificial for: Pregnant Clients Rosacea Skin Sun Tanned

What happens during the treatment?

Before your treatment begins, you’ll have a thorough consultation to determine which Green Peel herbal treatment best aligns with your skin concerns and goals. Then your aesthetician will cleanse and tone your skin and perform an in-depth analysis to determine your skin’s tolerance and reactivity. The next step is to prep your skin with the brand’s proprietary gel purifier and tone once again. Then it’s time to apply the peel. Your aesthetician massages the herbal preparation into your skin for about 10 minutes (12 minutes on other parts of the body). This can feel like rough sand rubbing your face. Then your face is covered with a Green Peel concentrate cloth, to let your skin absorb the active ingredients. After 20 minutes, the peel is wiped off and a rich Green Peel cream, sunscreen, and Blemish Balm are applied.

What should you expect after a Green Peel?

You’ll leave with Green Peel home-care products, which you should use instead of your typical beauty routine. For best results, don’t wash or wet your face for at least two days, because it can affect the absorption of the herbal microparticles. You may have some redness and sensitivity for a few days after your treatment, much like a sunburn. Some people also report swelling. You won’t have skin flaking after a Fresh Up or Energy peel. With Classic, the peeling effect begins on day two or three. While some people don’t need any downtime, it’s smart to schedule a Green Peel Classic on a Wednesday so your skin will flake and peel over the weekend. Whichever peel you chose, you’ll return to your aesthetician after five days for a “beauty finish treatment,” to remove any dead skin cells and hydrate new skin. Your skin will be UV sensitive for four weeks after your peel, so wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.


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